7 things to do when taking your kids to a festival

7 Things you must do when taking your kids to a festival 

The Hills Carnivale is just around the corner, complete with delicious food, market stalls, amusement rides, live entertainment and plenty of free activities and attractions for the whole family. If you’re thinking of gathering the troops and coming along for some family fun at this fiesta inspired festival, Bupa has put together seven things you must do when bringing the kids to a local community festival to have a safe, healthy and happy time.

1. Bring a water bottle

Bupa says hydration is the most important thing to remember when taking kids along to a festival. Kids get busy, running around and having fun all day, so it can be easy to forget about drinking enough water. It’s important to have water on hand to make sure there are no heat related injuries, headaches or sickness. Keep everyone healthy, hydrated and having a good time by bringing along one or two full water bottles and re-fill throughout the day.

2. Plan Ahead with the Program

Head online before the festival and check out the festival program or even download a copy of your own. Look at what’s on and when, then decide what activities or performances you want to do, and make a quick timeline of the day.

3. Charge your Phone

Make sure you are all charged up on 100% before you leave the house. The last thing you want is your battery dying while you try to transfer money online, call or message your partner, or text the teens to find out where they are at the festivities.

4. Have a meeting Point

Pick a spot and decide on this as the meeting point. Everyone should know where to go if you must separate or someone gets lost. This could be the BIG PURPLE INFORMATON TENT or at the front of the toilet blocks.

5. Remember Hats & Sunscreen 

Bupa says sun safety is essential because even on a cloudy day, UV is still extremely harmful and sunburn can still happen! The Hills Carnivale runs from 12pm to 7.30pm, so remember to Slip, Slop and Slap in the morning and to reapply throughout the day to avoid getting burnt while outdoors.

6. Capture the moment 

Whether you prefer to snap up happy memories on your phone or with a camera, be sure to capture the day and take photos of the kids (and the adults!) getting involved in the activities or workshops, and enjoying the festival together. You’ll be able to look back on these photos for years to come.

7. Have Fun!

Just have fun and go with the flow. If things don’t go to exactly to plan – don’t stress. Just enjoy what the day has to offer, have plenty of fun and make the most of it.

Hills Carnivale is a free fiesta inspired celebration taking place on May 27 at George Wilmore Park, Ferny Hills. Featuring rides, competitions, music, kids activities, workshops, fireworks, free face painting and more, Hills Carnivale brings to an end four weeks of events as part of the Hills Festival.

For more information on the upcoming Hills Carnivale, visit www.hillsfestival.com.au for the full program.

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