Dunk a Professional at Hills Carnivale

DUnk a Professional at hills carnivale


Hills Carnivale is set to blow visitors away on May 27 at George Wilmore Park in a free family fiesta themed event. With an awesome entertainment program, kids activities, food and a fantastic fireworks finale, there will be plenty on offer for kids and adults alike. The Ferny Hills Hills Carnivale will top off a month of celebrations as part of the Hills Festival in the Hills District, Moreton Bay Region and will host many fun things to do for Moreton Bay locals. If you love a challenge, be sure to visit the Ferny Hills Professionals Priority agents at the “Dunk the Agent” dunk tank for loads of fun. Anyone can have a go at trying to plunge the Ferny Hills Professionals Priority Real Estate Team into the icy water below!

what's a dunk tank?

A Dunk Tank is a thrilling game and a fun challenge for all ages. Volunteer “dunkees” take their spot on a collapsing seat right above the Dunk Tank that is filled with cold water. Waiting with baited breath, they must watch as players throw a ball at the target. If the ball strikes the bullseye the seat will collapse…dunking the victim into the water with a big splash for everyone to see.

Who are the professionals?

The Professionals Priority Real Estate team, headed by Ian Weaving and Bradley Butten, will be stepping up to be dunked at the Hills Carnivale. This team of real estate industry experts proud to be taking the plunge for visitors at the Hills District event, and want YOU to bring your throwing arm to the dunking machine and to come watch and laugh at this comedy and fun-filled game for all ages.

5 Secret tips & Tricks to slam-dunk tank success


1. Take your time

Don’t rush! Take your time before you throw to hit the target.

2. Eyes on the Prize

No distractions allowed! Focus your eyes on where you want the ball to go.

3. Encourage the Professionals

Be sure to let the Professionals Agents to prepare for the splash!

4. Fast throw

Speed is your best friend in this game! A slow throw won’t hit the target hard to make the dunk, so give it your all.

5. Be a good sport

Remember it’s all in the name of fun. Give a round of applause for the Professionals Agent if you do manage to dunk them into the water and show your support.


The Hills Carnivale will take place on May 27 at George Wilmore Park in a fun, colourful fiesta celebration featuring live entertainment, workshops, activities and food stalls for all ages.

For more information or to download the full program visit www.hillsfestival.com.au 

The team at Professionals Priority are not only fun and active members of the Hills District community- they’re also cornerstones in the local real estate market! Combining local knowledge and plenty of experience with quality, traditional customer service and the latest industry technology, Professionals Priority deliver to deliver top results for their valued clients.

For more information or real estate needs in the Hills District visit www.professionalspriority.com.au


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