Redcliffe Dolphins Top 10 Life Skills Sport Gives you

Redcliffe dolphins top 10 life skills sport gives you

We love local entertainment in the Moreton Bay Region, especially sports entertainment! If you have ever found yourself watching a local footy game, playing in or supporting a local team, you might be surprised to know that footy, like most team sports, isn’t just good for a bit of fun and entertainment! Team sport teaches us plenty of important skills to make us better on the field- and off it. The Redcliffe Dolphins bring us 10 awesome life skills that everyone can get out of sports.

1.Turning failures into gains

The Redcliffe Dolphins know that failure isn’t final- in fact, it teaches us to turn a loss around into a learning curve. Take away something positive from every negative and use it to improve for next time around, and you’ll turn a failure into a gain.

2.Learning perseverance

Team sport teaches us that other people rely or count on us too, so we can’t give up even when things aren’t working or get tough. Sticking hard times or losses out and persevering keeps us moving forward and helps us reach our goals!  

3.improving your existing skills

Team sport teaches you to hone your strengths and work at what you’re good at so you keep getting better. This helps us understand what we are successful in and passionate about. There’s no better feeling than knowing you are awesome at something; it’s a real confidence boost!

4.Trusting others

At many times in life we have to work in a team; at home, at work or even in friendship groups. Sport teaches you to trust others and let everyone contribute or have a go.

5.Always trying to accomplish goals

Sport forces us to keep growing, improving and changing or setting new goals. Life is always changing too, so it’s great to be able to always have something to work towards- from a new car to a trip away or a promotion at work.

6.Value of Practice and Preparation

Come Ready or Never Start is a big motto in sport teams. It couldn’t be truer, because we all know practice is what makes perfect.


They say any decision is better than no decision at all! Sport teaches us to make a call and whatever happens, we can learn from the outcome.

8.How Respect the Rules

Sometimes the ref makes a call we don’t like. We can’t just throw our arms up in a tantrum or get hung up on it! Life is unfair sometimes and things can happen that are out of our control. It’s good to know how to deal with this like a good sport, play on and move on!

9.Active lifestyle for life

Our bodies were designed to move! Sport teaches you what your body can do and how important it is to keep fit and active to feel good.

10.The importance of diversity

Sport helps us recognise that everyone is unique, with different traits and different skills that they bring to the table to make something great. As they say, star teams will always beat a team of individual stars!

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