Why you should study creative at Uni

Johanna & Jayden: Music Duo on why you should study creative at Uni

It’s a question plenty of Moreton Bay high school students will have to ask themselves this year- “do I want to go to university? And if so, what will I study?”

Creative kids might not think university is for them, or might wonder if an arts or creative degree is worthwhile. Luckily there is some great news for young aspiring writers, artists, musicians, actors, designers and more- there’s never been a better time to follow your creative passion at uni! More than half a million Aussies now work in the creative sector and it’s now one of the fastest growing areas in our economy.

To find out more we spoke to music duo Johanna & Jayden for their experience studying music at uni and advice on making it in the music biz. See Johanna & Jayden perform at Hills Carnivale.


How DID you come together as a duo?

We met through out high school music programs and have been friends since year 8, but it was in year 12 that we started gigging and working together as a duo. Funnily enough, this came about incredibly spontaneously and we played our first gig together at Coffee Cat on Kings in 2014 after being asked hours beforehand if we would like to play.

In 3 words, can you describe your sound?

Easy-listening, acoustic, blues.

What is your favourite thing about performing?

We love being able to add an atmosphere to various occasions - such as weddings, parties, markets, cafes and more. Whether we’re performing on a stage or in the corner of a coffee shop, it’s always lovely to hear such great feedback about what our music brings to other people’s experiences, and being able to have a positive impact on someone’s day through live music.

how can aspiring musicians or performers get their music heard?

We believe social media is an incredibly helpful tool to promote musicians and their work - and it’s free! Facebook and Instagram are our go-to’s, as these platforms are so easily accessible and enable us to reach large audiences in interesting ways…we promote all of our upcoming public gigs on Facebook and Instagram, and this allows friends and family to stay updated with where we’re playing. Uploading tracks to Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes and YouTube is a great way to go about getting recorded music heard too.

what advice would you give to others wanting to get into the music/performing arts industry?

Persistence is key! If you’re passionate and love music, do it. Don’t limit yourself as to what you can door what you can play. There’s always time to learn that instrument you’ve always wanted to play, or learn that song you always wished you could sing. Believe in yourself, allow yourself to make mistakes here and there, don’t limit your successes and persist, persist, persist!

how helpful has studying music at university been for you?

Studying music at Uni has been incredibly helpful! Particularly being able to use the recording studios and learning the skills to be able to record and produce music. Being able to collaborate with a variety of other musicians has been helpful to write and create music.

how do you think studying helps people improve or take their creative passions further?

We think that further studying your passion allows you to create and connect with like-minded people, which can be incredibly helpful and fulfilling. Studying can be challenging at times, however this is a necessary part of bettering yourself and your skills. Our Bachelor of Music course has allowed us to create more than we thought we could, with many different people, and has allowed us to further our skills - both in the recording and performance side of music.


Thank you Johanna & Jayden for sharing your experience and advice with us, and we can't wait to see you perform at Hills Carnivale!


Johanna & Jayden are a music duo based in Brisbane & the Sunshine Coast who enjoy fusing different musical styles to capture a cheerful and vibrant atmosphere. You can check out more from Johanna & Jayden at www.johannaandjaydenmusic.com

If you’re interested in furthering your creative passion and skills, check out the University of the Sunshine Coast’s range of degrees including Bachelor of Creative Writing, Bachelor of Design and Communication and Bachelor of Arts. USC’s Bachelor of Creative Industries lets you choose from units including, Creative Advertising, Music, Screen and Media, Drama, Graphic Design, Game Design, Digital Photography and more.

USC are focused on delivering a quality educational experience, with choice in degrees, lifestyle benefits, experiences, modern facilities and a commitment to support for students.

For more information visit www.usc.edu.au





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