5 Easy ways to take as a family at Hills Carnivale

5 Easy ways to take as a family at Hills Carnivale

With the Hills District fiesta celebration, Hills Carnivale, right around the corner, we’re gearing up for an awesome day and night packed with entertainment and family fun.

But what really makes families happy? Spending time together! We all know how busy life gets and with work, school, sports and chores it can be hard to find the time to get together for some time out to connect. Being a family means being a team, and like all the best teams, families need to connect, spend time with each other and support each other to be happy and healthy!

Brisbane Kids brings us 5 easy ways every family can take time together and reconnect.


Getting outside is one of the easiest ways to spend time together! This can be for a walk around the block, watering the garden or even just having lunch outside. You could create a simple activity to do together like going for a bike ride, have afternoon tea on the lawn, run around the park or doing some gardening with the kids. Little ones will love spending time with you outdoors and you’ll see the family become closer.

The Hills Carnivale Fireworks Spectacular at 7.30pm is the perfect chance to roll out the picnic blanket in the park and watch the sky sparkle together.


Choosing a movie to watch together as a family might sound simple, but it’s more important than we realise! It’s about all being present and together on the couch and watching together. When everyone is watching the same thing, you can all share the experience and discuss the story together and luckily it allows some downtime for parents.

Check out the Kids Stage at Hills Carnivale and watch entertainment performances and shows like Nickelby the Magician and Larrikin Puppets and share in the story-telling and laughter.


Many parents have started to realise their phone’s may be getting in the way of being really present in the moment with their kids. Don’t miss important moments or making precious memories because you were looking down rather than up! Put the phone away when spending time with the kids and they’ll know you care about this time with them.

Hills Carnivale will have you putting the phone away and enjoying the moment as a family with fun, memorable activities for everyone like the Circus Workshop and Face Painting.


Inviting and encouraging the kids to get involved with you in the kitchen is an easy way make dinner time inclusive. Grab the children and give them a small task, maybe mixing with a spoon, or helping you measure out ingredients or even fetch things from the fridge. They’ll love feeling helpful and being close with you!

Delicious, multi-cultural food stalls will line the park for visitors to enjoy at Hills Carnivale. Tuck in to some tantalising treats, there will be something for every family member’s taste!


Music has an awesome ability to bring people together, and so it’s no surprise putting on some music in the house and singing along, dancing or even just listening together is good for everyone. Music can connect us when we share music we love!

Live music is the perfect shared music experience for families- take your spot on the grass and enjoy acts like Pocketlove and David Orr Band.

The annual Hills Carnivale taking place on May 30 at George Wilmore Park is the perfect chance to get the gang together and have fun as a family- with plenty of food to share, music to experience, live kid’s entertainment, free activities and workshops and a fireworks finale at 7.30pm.

Brisbane Kids recommends bringing the kids along to spend some quality time with each other and help make awesome memories for a more connected, happier family.

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